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2006 Annual Report



Sharon Dawes

Professional Staff
G. Brian Burke, Senior Program Associate
Donna Canestraro, Program Manager
Meghan Cook, Program Manager
James Costello, Web Application Developer
Anthony M. Cresswell, Deputy Director
J. Ramon Gil-Garcia, Postdoctoral Fellow
Paula Hauser, Administrative Assistant
Alison Heaphy, Communication Manager
Natalie Helbig, Program Assistant
Jana Hrdinova, Program Assistant
Linda Keane, Administrative Assistant
Jane Krumm-Schwan, Director of Administration and Outreach
Gloria Lisowski, Administrative Assistant
Theresa Pardo, Deputy Director
Anna Raup-Kounovsky, Program Staff Assistant
Derek Werthmuller, Director of Technology Services

Faculty Fellows
David Andersen, Public Administration and Policy and
Information Science, UAlbany
Ophelia Eglene, Middlebury College
Teresa Harrison, Communication, UAlbany
Jing Zhang, Clark University
George Richardson, Public Administration and Policy and Information Science, UAlbany
Giri Tayi, Management Science and Information Systems, UAlbany

Graduate Assistants
Bahadir K. Akcam, Information Science
Andrea Baker, Information Science
Minal Brahmbhatt, Computer Science
Lucy Dadayan, Information Science
Denise Dreany, Information Studies
Russel S. Hassan, Public Administration and Policy
Hyuckbin Kwon, Public Administration and Policy
Natasha Malik, Computer Science
Fawzi Mulki, Information Science
Geo Sebastian, Computer Science
Lei Zheng, Public Administration and Policy

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