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2002 Annual Report



Finding Our Future cover
Finding Our Future: A Research Agenda for the Research Enterprise. Theresa Pardo, Sharon Dawes, Anthony Cresswell, Fiona Thompson, Giri Tayi. July 2002

Making a Case for Local E-Government. Meghan Cook, Mark LaVigne, Christina Pagano, Sharon Dawes, Theresa Pardo. July 2002

Untangle the Web: Delivering Municipal Services Through the Internet. Mark LaVigne, Stephanie Simon, Sharon Dawes, Theresa Pardo, Donna Berlin. June 2001; August 2002

The Insider's Guide to Using Information in Government Executive Briefing. February 2001

Opening Gateways: A Practical Guide for Designing Electronic Records Access Programs. Theresa Pardo, Sharon Dawes, Anthony Cresswell. December 2000; January 2002

Insider's Guide to Using Information in Government. November 2000

What Citizens Want From E-Government. Meghan Cook. October 2000

New York State Central Accounting System Stakeholder Needs Analysis. Theresa Pardo, Hans J. Scholl, Meghan Cook, David Connelly, Sharon Dawes. July 2000

Reassessing New York: A Collaborative Process. Mark LaVigne, David Connelly, Donna Canestraro, Theresa Pardo. June 2000

And Justice for All: Designing Your Business Case for Integrating Justice Information. Anthony Cresswell, Mark LaVigne, Stephanie Simon, Sharon Dawes, David Connelly, Shrilata Nath, James Ruda. March 2000

An Executive Briefing for Leaders of Justice Organizations. March 2000

Putting Information Together: Building Integrated Data Repositories Seminar Summary. February 2000

Conducting Best and Current Practices Research - A Starter Kit. Ophelia Eglene. January 2000

What Rules Govern the Use of Information? Seminar Summary. October 1999

The Internet, the State Library, and the Implementation of Statewide Information Policy: The Case of the New York State GIS Clearinghouse. Sharon Dawes, Sharon Oskam. December 1995.

Journal of Global Information Management, Volume 7, Number 4, October-December 1999.

Reconnaissance Study: Developing a Business Case for the Integration of Criminal Justice Information. Anthony Cresswell, David Connelly. September 1999

Information Use Tools and Skill Sets Seminar Summary. May 1999

Some Assembly Required: Building a Digital Government for the 21st Century. Sharon Dawes, Peter Bloniarz, Kristine Kelly, Patricia Fletcher. March 1999

Four Realities of IT Innovation in Government. Sharon Dawes, Peter Bloniarz, David Connelly, Kristine Kelly, Theresa Pardo. Spring 1999

Research and Practical Experiences in the Use of Multiple Data Sources for Enterprise Level Planning and Decision Making: A Literature Review. Jihong Zeng. Spring 1999

Web-based Applications and/or Networked Legacy Systems. Hans J. Scholl. Spring 1999

Dealing with Data Seminar Summary. February 1999

Practical Tools for Electronic Records Management and Preservation. Kristine Kelly, Theresa Pardo, Alan Kowlowitz. January 1999

Maing a Case cover
New Models of Collaboration: GIS Coordination in New York State. Ophelia Eglene, Sharon Dawes. October 1998

Data Quality Tools for Data Warehousing--A Small Sample Survey. M. Pamela Neely. October 1998

Models for Action: Practical Approaches to Electronic Records Management and Preservation. Kristine Kelly, Alan Kowlowitz, Theresa Pardo, Darryl Green. July 1998

Functional Requirements to Ensure the Creation, Maintenance, and Preservation of Electronic Records. Alan Kowlowitz, Kristine Kelly. April 1998

The Records Requirements Analysis and Implementation Tool. Kristine Kelly and Alan Kowlowitz. April 1998

A Survey of System Development Process Models. Darryl Green, Ann DiCaterino. February 1998

An Introduction to Workflow Management Systems. Ann DiCaterino, Kai Larsen, Mei-Huei Tang, Wen-Li Wang. November 1997

Partners in State-Local Information Systems: Lessons from the Field. Sharon Dawes, Theresa Pardo, David Connelly, Darryl Green, Claire McInerney. October 1997

And Justice For All cover
A Survey of Key Concepts and Issues for Electronic Recordkeeping. Betsy Maio. August 1997

A Cost Performance Model for Assessing WWW Service Investments. Peter Bloniarz, Kai Larsen. June 1997

Tying a Sensible Knot: Best Practices in State-Local Information Systems. Executive Briefing Paper. June 1997

Tying a Sensible Knot: A Practical Guide to State-Local Information Systems. Sharon Dawes, Theresa Pardo, Darryl Green, Claire McInerney, David Connelly, Ann DiCaterino. June 1997

The World Wide Web as a Universal Interface to Government Services. Ann DiCaterino, Theresa Pardo. December 1996

Delivering on the Web: The NYS Internet Services Testbed. Theresa Pardo, David Connelly, Sharon Dawes. December 1996

Developing & Delivering Government Services on the World Wide Web: Recommended Practices for New York State. Sharon Dawes, Theresa Pardo, Peter Bloniarz, Ann DiCaterino, Donna Berlin, David Connelly. September 1996

Making Smart IT Choices. Sharon Dawes, Kristine Kelly, David Andersen, Peter Bloniarz, Anthony Cresswell, authors; Thomas Galvin, editor. September 1996

World Wide Web Starter Kit. April 1996

Sharing the Costs, Sharing the Benefits: The NYS GIS Cooperative Project. Kristine Kelly, Theresa Pardo, Sharon Dawes, Ann DiCaterino, Winsome Foderingham. December 1995

The New York State Spatial Data Clearinghouse Technical Report. Ann DiCaterino. December 1995

Compelling Reasons for GIS Coordination in NYS. Kristine Kelly. December 1995

A Framework for Evaluating Public Sector Geographic Information Systems. Kristine Kelly. December 1995

Balancing Environmental Quality and Economic Vitality in the Adirondack Park. David Andersen, Peter Avery, Peter Bloniarz, Sharon Dawes, Stephen Hyde, Kristine Kelly, Anne Miller, Eliot Rich. December 1995

Evaluating the APA Prototype: Prospects for Providing Cheaper, Faster, and Better Services to APA's Customers. David Andersen, Peter Avery, Stephen Hyde, Kristine Kelly, Soonhee Kim, John Rohrbaugh. October 1995

Supporting Psychiatric Assessments in Emergency Rooms. Sharon Dawes, Peter Bloniarz, Jeryl Mumpower, David Shern, Thomas Stewart, Bruce Way. September 1995

Report of the Field Test to Evaluate a Decision Support Tool for Psychiatric Assessments in Emergency Rooms. Sharon Dawes, Anthony Cresswell. August 1995

Using Technology to Change Work: Technical Results from the APA Prototype. Peter Bloniarz, Anne Miller, Eliot Rich. June 1995

And Justice For All cover
Voice Information Response System. David Andersen, Peter Avery, Stephen Hyde, Kristine Kelly. May 1995

Reviewing the Performance of ORMA's Voice Response System for Automated Business Permit Information: Integrating Technical, Cost-Based, and Customer-Oriented Evaluations of System Performance. David Andersen, Peter Avery, Mark Giguere, Stephen Hyde, Kristine Kelly, Soonhee Kim, Mohammed Mojtahedzadeh, John Rohrbaugh. March 1995

Groupware Technology Testbed. Theresa Pardo, Mark Nelson. November 1994

Title Imaging Project with NYS Department of Motor Vehicles. Peter Bloniarz, Mark Nelson. November 1994

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