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2002 Annual Report

Strong foundations include the generosity of partners

Strong foundations include the generosity of partners

For nearly a decade, CTG has focused on helping public sector organizations deal with the policy, management, and technology issues they encounter when developing and delivering services and programs. Over that period, we have broadened our outreach into all levels of government and shared the results of our programs with countless government professionals and organizations in the US and abroad. Our foundations are strong; and our future is vibrant.

Our growing program is made possible by the commitment and generous support of government, corporate, and academic partners. From in-kind donations of equipment and expertise to grants for applied research, these partnerships account for more than half of our financial resources.

CTG's total resources for the past year were valued at $2,231,875, with federal research grants providing $1,279,586, or 57 percent of the total. Another $840,247, or 38 percent, came from New York State through the University's annual budget allocation. Four percent of our funding, or $85,552, came from contractual work with government agencies and fee-based education programs. Government, corporate, and academic partners furnished another $26,490 worth of in-kind contributions, mostly in the form of staff time and expert consulting.

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