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Use of Parcel Data in New York State Report Cover
This report presents the findings of a reconnaissance study on the use of parcel data in New York State. It documents the current and potential uses of parcel data, its value to many different kinds of organizations, and the typical flow of data across government and non-governmental boundaries.

Journal Articles and Conference Papers (1)
HICSS Proceedings Cover
Sharon S. Dawes, Meghan E. Cook, and Natalie Helbig
Proceedings of the Thirty-Ninth Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (CD/ROM), January 4-7,2006, Computer Society Press, Tue, 31 Jan 2006, Ten pages >Download PDF
Land parcels are the foundation for many aspects of public and community life. This report presents the findings of a study of information about land parcels in New York State. It identifies stakeholders and their interests as well as the needs and issues associated with the uses of parcel data in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors.

We describe the attributes of parcel data, discuss its value to a variety of stakeholders, present typical data flows across organizational boundaries, and illustrate a wide range of uses. We then present the main issues and policy challenges associated with treating parcel data as a collective public resource, and conclude with a set of policy principles for guiding future investments.

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Public Events

NYS Office of Real Property Services Alliance Committee Meeting

December 2004
Presenter: Meghan Cook, Program Manager, CTG
This presentation highlighted the study methodology and preliminary findings of the Reconnaissance Study of the Use of Parcel-Level Data in New York State. In addition, the Alliance Committee was asked to identify ideal characteristics of a parcel data resource and benefits and barriers to creating such a resource.

Real Property Tax Administration Committee (RPTAC) Meeting

March 2005
Presenter: Meghan Cook , Program Manager, CTG
This presentation showed the findings and recommendations that emerged from the Study of the Use of Parcel-Level Data in New York State. Presentation details include the methodology, findings, and a set of principles that might guide a collaborative approach to future discussions about parcel data.