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And Justice For All Cover
Public safety is a huge issue in the United States. Agencies can help make our communities safer by quickly and easily sharing accurate, timely information about cases going through the justice system. Integrated justice information systems are the vehicle for such enhanced information exchange.

This guidebook offers a series of lessons and tools that justice officials can use to build business cases to win support and funding for integrated justice information systems. The business case blueprint leads readers through the analysis, design, and presentation of business cases tailored to specific projects and audiences. The guidebook also contains appendices of useful tools, references, examples, and resources.

In addition to the full report, you can also see an Executive Briefing.

Reports (1)
Reconnaissance Study Cover
To be effective, a business case for criminal justice information integration must be specific about its objectives, practical in its approaches, and realistic in assessing its prospects for success. This study, based primarily on 26 interviews conducted with participants involved in integration initiatives at state and local levels nationally, provides a complex but optimistic picture for improving integration.

The report, consisting of an in-depth analysis of the current integration realities, reveals keys for success, as well as barriers to overcome in order to achieve integration goals. It serves as a basis for designing the business case material CTG has agreed to develop for the US Department of Justice Office of Justice Program (OJP).

Public Events

Summary of the June 1999 Workshop

This five-page report summarizes the work conducted at the June 1999 workshop. The document recounts the workshop's context and purpose, participants and activities, themes, proposed strategies, and next steps in the project.