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Coordinated state-local information systems offer the hope of integrated services to citizens and streamlined operations within government. Many government and professional organizations are searching for ways to make these essential systems more successful. But there is very little reliable information about what makes state-local projects succeed or fail. This study, sponsored by the New York State Governor's Task Force on Information Resource Management (now the NYS Office for Technology), was one of the first attempts in the US to analyze and document practices that lead to success.

The objective of this project was to identify and document the practices associated with successful state-local information systems by studying the experiences of eleven existing initiatives in New York State

The main result of the project is a handbook of best practices called Tying a Sensible Knot: A Practical Guide to State-Local Information Systems. It presents a variety of practices that project managers and participants can use to develop successful state-local information systems. The project also uncovered issues that constrain success, but that cannot be addressed by single project teams acting on their own. These constraints are the result of environmental factors that reduce the effectiveness and increase the cost of all state-local systems. The final project report discusses these systemic constraints on effective systems and offers recommendations for mitigating them.

Publications & Results
Practical Guides (1)
Tying a Sensible Knot Cover
Tying a Sensible Knot: A Practical Guide to State-Local Information Systems
Mon, 01 Jun 1997 >Download PDF
State-local information systems must recognize and account for enormous diversity of community settings, organizational cultures, structures, staff. This report, based on eleven initiatives in New York State, presents principles and practices for ideal state-local information systems.

Reports and Working Papers (1)
Reports Cover
Partners in State-Local Information Systems: Lessons from the Field
Wed, 01 Oct 1997 >Download PDF
A state-local information system is one that links state and local agencies together in a coherent service delivery or administrative environment. This report discusses the findings of a research project that examined eleven state-local projects in New York State.

Lessons Learned

The best practices uncovered and illustrated in this project are summarized below:

Press Releases & News Stories
Press Releases

Intergovernmental Project Wins National Award
Thu, 03 Sep 1998

Tying a Sensible Knot: A Practical Guide to State Local Information Systems
Mon, 29 Sep 1997

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Funding Sources
This project was funded by a portion of CTG's New York State budget allocation plus in-kind contributions of professional expertise provided by more than 150 state and local government participants.

Original Scope of Work
The objective of this project was to identify and document the practices associated with successful state-local information systems by studying the experiences of these eleven initiatives in New York State: Information needed to support the project objective was gathered in four ways: (1) a literature and current practice review; (2) an effort to describe the eleven participating projects in a standard, comparable way; (3) a survey of both state and local participants in each project; and (4) focus group interviews with the project teams. The Governor's Task Force established a Special Work Group on State-Local Information Systems to serve as both a planning and advisory body for the overall project.

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