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CTG to Host Workshop on Policy Informatics in the PA Curriculum
May 9, 2014
CTG will host a one-day National Science Foundation-sponsored workshop entitled, Policy Informatics in the PA Curriculum: A workshop to explore integration of data-intensive analytical skills in public affairs education. Much is being said and written about “big data” and “data science,” but much less attention has focused on identifying what skills are required of the next generation of public managers, policy analysts, and informed citizens. Participants from several different universities in the US and Europe will come together to confront the changing type, amount, and quality of policy-relevant information and develop ways to train professional analysts in new areas of data-intensive science and decision making environments.
CTG Participates at NY Innovates
December 18-20, 2013
NY Innovates is a unique four-day event featuring a developer conference and health data code-a-thon that will explore the creative use of technology and data to solve the challenges of tomorrow. Meghan Cook, Natalie Helbig, and Theresa Pardo are participating as speakers in various sessions throughout the event. NY Innovates is a collaborative effort of the New York State Office of Information Technology Services and the New York State Department of Health.
CTG Co-Sponsor of Workshop on Open Health Data Opportunities for Researchers
November 22, 2013
SUNY's Rockefeller Institute of Government (RIG) and CTG are hosting a one-day workshop, Open Health Data, Open Opportunities. The workshop will focus on how open health data can become a viable new resource for researchers by introducing New York's open health data assets, providing ideas for using open data in the classroom, and seeding opportunities for researchers to network with each other and practitioners. Natalie Helbig is co-chair along with Erika Martin, director of Health Policy Studies at RIG and an assistant professor in the Department of Public Administration & Policy at the University at Albany. The workshop is supported by a grant from the New York State Health Foundation (NYSHealth) to RIG to identify, organize, and promote applied health policy research in New York State - and particularly within SUNY campuses. Theresa Pardo and Meghan Cook serve on the Advisory Committee.
Dawes to Speak at European Union eGovernment Conference
November 14-15, 2013
The eGovernment Conference aims to evaluate current e-Government policy, governance, management and implementation standards, and to discuss the roadmap for the development of a sustainable European e-Government framework, enabling the global competitiveness of the European Union, within the new financial framework for 2014-2020. Sharon Dawes will be speaking in two sessions: transforming public administration and open data. Former CTG senior fellow, Anthony Cresswell (now retired), will be speaking in the session on eGovernment measurement.
Pardo to Participate in World Bank Seminar for E-Government Leaders of the Russian Federation
November 13, 2013
As part of a U.S. study visit program by E-Government Leaders of the Russian Federation, The World Bank is holding a series of seminars with global ICT experts. Theresa Pardo is participating in two seminars: 1) Open Data in the U.S. and Worldwide with Andrew Stott, former Director of, and Jeanne Holm, Evangelist for and 2) E-Government Leadership: the Evolving Role of CIOs with Jean-Pierre Auffret of George Mason University.
CTG Co-Host of Forum on Detecting and Preventing Fraud, Waste and Abuse
November 6, 2013
SUNY's Rockefeller Institute of Government (RIG) and CTG are co-hosting a forum entitled,Detecting and Preventing Fraud, Waste and Abuse: A Statewide and National Perspective. Theresa Pardo will join other experts in addressing how governments are revisiting the way they address fraud, waste and abuse and are implementing new technologies to tackle the issue from an enterprise perspective. To RSVP, call (518) 443-5258 or e-mail The deadline for registration is October 29th.
Helbig to Speak at Arizona State University Colloquium Series
October 4, 2013
Natalie Helbig will give a talk at the Arizona State University, School of Public Affairs Colloquium Series. The talk entitled, The Role of Performance Information Artifacts for Meaningful Use: The Case of Child-Stat, explores the use of different visualizations for enabling or constraining knowledge sharing between executives and front-line employees. Often during performance-related discussions, neither executives nor front-line employees have a shared picture of performance, or even a shared understanding of the problems that the performance information is collected for. Getting to a common understanding requires addressing the many issues associated with knowledge sharing, collaboration, and communication problems among different groups as they engage in performance dialogues exposing tacit assumptions and reconciling differences in practices, culture, and worldviews.
CTG to Help Coordinate Policy Informatics Session at IRSPM2013
April 10-12, 2013
CTG and collaborators will coordinate a panel of papers that focuses on the emerging role of policy informatics in supporting public policy and governance at the International Research Society for Public Management (IRSPM) annual conference. Hosted in Prague, Czech Republic, the 2013 conference is expected to bring together academics and practitioners from different world regions addressing issues related to the topic of the conference.
Dawes to Participate on Panel at Transatlantic Research on Policy Modeling Workshop
January 28-29, 2013
The Transatlantic Research on Policy Modeling Workshop aims to collect and share knowledge on sectorial and integrated modeling frameworks, as well as on best practice applications, for policy formulation and evaluation through the application of modeling techniques in the form of innovative ICT tools. Sharon Dawes will be on the panel Bridging science, policy and technology: challenges and opportunities. The workshop is being organized by the Millennium Institute as part of the FP7 EU co-funded CROSSOVER Project to provide a common discussion ground for modelers, policy analysts and decision makers on the current state of modeling efforts and to inform decision-making on available tools and on critical policy decisions, ultimately also contributing strongly to the CROSSOVER Roadmap on Policy Modeling 2.0.
Dawes to Participate at eGovPoliNet Advisory Board Meeting
December 12-14, 2012
Sharon Dawes will be participating in a meeting of the consortium and scientific advisory board for the eGovPoliNet project in Koblenz, Germany. The eGovPoliNet/Crossover Consortium, sponsored by the European Commission FP7 research program, represents an expanding international network of research institutions investigating these globally important challenges. As a consortium member, under a grant from the NSF, CTG is conducting a literature review on research in the US focusing on the use of ICTs for policy modeling, governance, and related topics such as evidence-based policy making and policy informatics. This work has the potential to identify universal factors and to understand how the same challenges play out differently in different cultural and political settings.
CTG and Collaborators Organize Roundtable at APPAM 2012 to Discuss Policy Informatics
November 8-10, 2012
This year’s roundtable, Advancing Policy Informatics at APPAM, will explore how policy relevant information and data have changed over the past few years and what that might imply for how we conduct policy and management research. Interest in policy informatics is motivated by advances in computational tools and information and communication technologies that have allowed us to deal explicitly with complexity, networks, and emergence, often using a systems approach/perspective. Speakers include John Kamensky, Senior Fellow and Associate Partner, IBM Center for the Business of Government; Gregory Bloss, Public Health Analyst/Program Official, National Institute of Health (NIH); Maureen Pirog, Editor, Journal of Public Policy Analysis and Management (JPAM) and Professor at the Indiana University; John C. Bertot, Editor, Government Information Quarterly (GIQ) and Professor at the University of Maryland; and Louise Comfort, Professor, University of Pittsburgh.
CTG and UNU-IITS Organize Thematic Session on “Bridging the North–South Gap in ICT–enabled Policy Modeling and Governance” at ICEGOV 2012
October 22-25, 2012
The goal of this session, organized by the eGovPoliNet/Crossover Consortium, sponsored by the European Commission FP7 research program, along with the Center for Technology in Government (CTG) and UNU-IIST, is to exchange current practices and experiences using ICT solutions for governance and policy modeling between developed and developing countries. In addition, the session explored the opportunities and challenges for developing and engaging a robust community of policy makers, researchers, practitioners working in policy development and e-government domains.
Dawes to Participate in eGovPoliNet Meetings in Norway
September 3-6, 2012
As the US member of the international consortium working on ICTs, governance, and policy modeling, GovPoliNet/Crossover, Sharon Dawes participated in scientific advisory board and consortium meetings, as well as a project workshop. These meetings coincide with EGOV 2012: International IFIP Electronic Government Conference. Dawes will organize the EGOV 2012 PhD student colloquium, which provides doctoral students an international forum for presenting their work, networking opportunities and cross-disciplinary inspiration.
Dawes to Speak at W3C Workshop on Using Open Data
June 19-20, 2012
The objective of the W3C Using Open Data Workshop is to provide a joint discussion forum for developers of applications that make use of open data, and the end users of those applications such as policy makers, journalists and citizens.This workshop asks a simple question: what is all the 'new' government open data being used for? The primary outcome expected from the workshop is a greater understanding of what can be done with open data on the Web, how it can be used for the benefit of a variety of audiences and what the roadblocks are to greater exploitation of data. Sharon Dawes will present on A Realistic Look at Open Data.
Dawes and Helbig to Participate in eGovPoliNet Meetings in UK
May 7-9, 2012
CTG is the US member of an international consortium working on ICTs, governance, and policy modeling, eGovPoliNet, which is a project funded by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme. Sharon Dawes and Natalie Helbig will participate in scientific advisory board and consortium meetings, as well as a project workshop. These meetings also coincide with tGovernment Workshop 2012 (tGov2012), which is being hosted by the Business School at Brunel Univeristy.