Santhosh Konduri

Santhosh Konduri

College of Engineering and Applied Sciences

What brought you to CTG Albany?

I am an international graduate student, pursuing master’s in computer science, at Ualbany.

I was always passionate about incorporating web development with Machine learning. CTG has given me such opportunity and persuaded me in finding new ways to use technologies to address practical problems, just the way I dreamt.

What did you do prior to coming to CTG Ualbany?

With a bachelor’s degree, I started my career as a Full stack developer at a product-based company, United Health Group (UHG), a multinational company standing seventh among Fortune 500 companies. I worked for 18 months with the technologies Spring Boot, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and on web applications like ISET and EZCOMM MNR.

But my first encounter with the corporate world was during my senior year when I pursued an internship at Open Text where I automated their system with Selenium.

What are your plans/goals for future?

I desire to excel as a data scientist in global companies where I can have a platform to explore and a freedom to create. I believe life is a process of learning -- and my goal is to learn daily and work to become -- not to acquire.

How can CTG help to reach your goal for the future?

I feel, every day at CTG is a new challenge where I can work with passion in connecting applications of technologies with the policies and also leveraging data analytics to deliver services that can transform lives.

My role at CTG complements my desires and helps me achieve my goal.