Oguz Aranay

Oguz M. Aranay

College of Engineering and Applied Sciences

What brought you to the CTG UAlbany?

I am a Ph.D. student studying Data Analysis and Machine Learning algorithms development in College of Engineering and Applied Science – Department of Computer Science.

CTG UAlbany is the leading research institute for data-driven governance and open government projects. It provides great opportunities to explore those research topics and further develop and invent in my future directions in academia and industry.

CTG UAlbany is a teamwork environment that brings new ideas, helps solve problems, creates a system to insure that deadlines are met with high quality work, I feel that my work is valued when contributing to a project that produces results.

What did you do prior to coming to CTG UAlbany?

At the age of 15 I started learning coding and built my first basic game. Also, I attended a four-months course in a professional training center to learn about electronics fundamentals like transistors, resistors and diodes. I have participated in a fair held up in Kirkuk Technical Institute with a circuit board that fires a siren sound when a door/window opens in an unauthorized way.

Finished my combined B. Sc./M. Sc. degree in computer science from Al-Nahrain University in Baghdad in 1999. My major then was Genetic Learning of Artificial Neural Networks. I have received my second M. Sc. degree in Applied Statistics and Data Analysis from SUNY Albany in 2017.

Worked as an instructor in Tikrit University for two years in 2001, overlapped with seven years teaching in both Kirkuk Technical College and in University of Kirkuk since 2005. Starting in 2014 I was a teaching assistant at SUNY in computer science department for five years.

What are your plans/goals for the future?

After graduating with a Ph. D. degree, I will pursue an academic career in the future. I will continue my research work and contribute to the research community of open innovation from an international perspective, especially with experiences in the Turkish and Arabic contexts.

How can CTG UAlbany help you reach your goal for the future?

At CTG UAlbany, I can collaborate with more researchers and coding experts and conduct more applied research projects with real world data to help improve government and public service through technology innovation, policy refinement and management improvement.

All these experiences will improve my research ability and help me to get prepared for my dissertation and future research.