Juan Sanchez

Juan Sanchez

College of Arts and Sciences

What brought you to the CTG UAlbany?

I first discovered CTG UAlbany through UAlbany’s volunteering program (RSSW). Among a list of other organizations to choose from, I decided to work with CTG UAlbany because of their mission – to utilize technology to address problems of information management and service delivery in government.

A relatively small organization itself, CTG UAlbany works to help larger entities find solutions through modern and developing technologies.

Knowing that I can leave a lasting impact on the organization and the lives that associate with it motives me to partake with CTG’s mission.

What did you do prior to coming to CTG UAlbany?

I am a current Senior at the University at Albany, enrolled in multiple courses that will expand my knowledge in the different aspects of languages and technology. 

What are your plans/goals for the future?

My biggest goal is to improve my skill set so that I may bring what I know into the workforce confidently and with great purpose.

I plan on establishing a concrete background in computing to become someone others can turn to for assistance and problem-solving.

How can CTG UAlbany help you reach your goal for the future?

CTG UAlbany provides me with real-world applications of raw data, more specifically on how to organize and illustrate it through presentation tools. Other projects not involving data also give me a sense of how real-world situations in the workforce can be.