Deep Patel

Deep Patel

College of Engineering and Applied Sciences

What brought you to the CTG UAlbany? 

Implementing and exploring my skill set to growing IT market is my passion for undergrads and major reason for me to join CTG UAlbany.  

Currently, I'm an intern in the Student Innovations lab. I'm working on computer vision project.  

What did you do prior to coming to CTG UAlbany? 

Currently, I'm pursuing my Computer Science Masters Degree at the University at Albany. 

I am a passionate software developer and have implemented various software/web related projects during my undergraduate and masters study.  

What are your plans/goals for the future? 

I want to see myself as an innovative software developer and want to contribute to society by powering a wide range of technical aspects. 

Software development has always attracted me since it makes life easier for the public and I would like to be an integral part of the tech world. 

How can CTG UAlbany help you reach your goal for the future? 

CTG UAlbany is helping me to get ready to take new challenges and how to tackle those challenges.