Akshay Gujjari

Akshay Gujjari

College of Engineering and Applied Sciences

What brought you to the CTG UAlbany?

My desire to strengthen my knowledge in the field of Data Science and get field experience in Data Analytics. 

What did you do prior to coming to CTG UAlbany?

I have worked as an SAP Developer for Vistex previously and am currently pursuing a Masters in Computer Science at UAlbany.

What are your plans/goals for the future?

I would like to see myself coming out as skilled Data Analyst after the successful completion of my job at CTG. Later I aspire to continue my work in the field of Data Science.

How can CTG UAlbany help you reach your goal for the future?

CTG is the perfect launchpad for anyone hoping to make it big in the field of Data Science. I hope to fully utilize this opportunity given by CTG to hone my skills in Data Analytics.