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CTG Web News Volume XI, Issue 8
Sent: Wed, 17 Dec 2008 11:37 AM


CTG Announces Partnership with MicroKnowledge Inc. to Deliver XML Training Classes
As part of CTG's new Advanced Web Technologies(AWT) initiative, we are pleased to announce a unique partnership with MicroKnowledge Inc. for the delivery of CTG's XML training curriculum. This partnership will allow the public to benefit from both CTG's expertise, research, and practice in the use of XML for Web site management and MicroKnowledge's 23 years of experience in the delivery of high-quality technical training.

MicroKnowledge will begin offering classes using CTG's curriculum in January 2009.

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CTG Center Director Search

The Center for Technology in Government seeks candidates for the Center Director's position.

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Maximizing Current and Future Investments in Mobile Technology
Since 2006, CTG has been studying the use of mobile technology in child protective services (CPS) in partnership with NYS's Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS). Previous pilot and demonstration assessments established a solid foundation of information to support a reasonably clear picture of the short term impacts of deploying and using laptops in CPS work. CTG has now released a fourth report assessing the long term impacts, which focused on how laptops have been integrated into CPS work, including examining mobility, productivity, and satisfaction, along with recommendations on how to maximize current and future mobile technology investments in NYS's child protective services.

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