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CTG Web News Volume XIV, Issue 8
Sent: Thu, 12 May 2011 15:10:00 EST

CTG Hosts Visioning Workshop for Government Leaders in the West Indies

CTG was host earlier this week to a visioning workshop for government leaders from the West Indies. "Building Capability for Government Transformation: A Visioning Workshop for Government Leaders" took place in Port of Spain, Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. The workshop was endorsed by the Ministry of Public Administration, Government of Trinidad and Tobago and sponsored by Microsoft Corporation.

Using a capability-based perspective, the workshop presented visionary perspectives on emerging technologies and offered workshop participants a framework to turn those visions into an action plan for their governments. Throughout the three days, over 50 government leaders from the West Indies engaged with thought leaders from CTG, Microsoft, and others in academia and government about the role of technology in fostering public sector innovation.

NASCIO Guidance Document on National Information Exchange Model Recommends CTG Capability Assessment Tool

NASCIO recently released a Statement of Support for state governments to participate in the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM), along with a guidance document, "Call to Action: Information Exchange Strategies for Effective State Government." The guidance document recommends CTG's "Sharing Justice Information: A Capability Assessment Toolkit" as a key step for organizations "to assist in the planning of government exchanges and ensure such exchange efforts deliver the outcomes that triggered the need for the exchange."

NASCIO Guidance Document >> http://www.nascio.org/publications/


  • Pardo to Speak at WSIS Forum 2011
  • CTG to Facilitate Joint NYS CIO Council and Local Government Roundtable Session
  • Hrdinová to Present on Social Media at meetings sponsored by NYS Conference of Mayors and NYS Bar Association