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CTG Web News Volume XII, Issue 10
Sent: Wed, 21 Oct 2009 11:23 PM

CTG Releases 3rd White Paper in Series on Interoperability

CTG has released the third white paper in a series focused on helping governments worldwide develop the capabilities necessary for improving interoperability. In the latest paper, CTG recommends that public managers develop IT governance capabilities to improve interoperability. CTG’s research has found that engaging in coordinated action across the boundaries of organizations to create interoperability requires new models of decision making, knowledge sharing, and resource allocation; in essence, new governance capability.

UAlbany President George M. Philip Welcomes International Group of Researchers to CTG

UAlbany President George M. Philip welcomed 15 international scholars to a workshop hosted by CTG on October 14-15, 2009. The workshop is part of a four-year effort by CTG funded by the US National Science Foundation’s Digital Government Research Program. The goal of the grant is to create a framework for a sustainable global community among digital government researchers and research sponsors.

The workshop gathered key members from three international working groups to share their insights and expertise on conducting international research and cultivating international research partnerships. As a result of their participation in this workshop, CTG will develop a report to support NSF and others going forward in international digital government research.