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CTG Web News Volume XII, Issue 9
Sent: Thu, 08 Oct 2009 3:23 PM

CTG Releases Findings on a National Survey of Cross-Boundary Information Sharing

CTG has released a new report summarizing the results of a national survey of cross-boundary information (CBI) sharing in the public sector. The national survey and the findings presented in the report are the result of a U.S. National Science Foundation funded project that began in 2002. The primary goal of this long-term project has been to understand how governments share information across program, agency, and jurisdictional boundaries as they work to improve programs and services.

CTG Releases Findings on Mitigating Cross-Border Air Pollution

CTG has released a new research report, titled "Mitigating Cross-Border Air Pollution: The Power of a Network." The report analyzes the efforts of a multi-organizational network of government and private sector participants along the US-Mexican border. The network, known as the JAC (Joint Advisory Committee for the Improvement of Air Quality in the Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua/El Paso, Texas/Doña Ana County, New Mexico Air Basin), has been highly successful in binational pollution mitigation activities and provides important lessons for building similar collaborative networks among a diverse set of stakeholders.