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CTG Web News Volume XIII, Issue 4
Sent: Wed, 18 May 2010 13:49:00 EST


CTG Releases New Guide on Eight Essential Elements for Government Social Media Policy

Government agencies are increasingly looking to leverage social media to improve the quality of government services and elicit greater citizen engagement. Developing a social media policy can be an important first step for government agencies considering using social media and can ultimately serve as a key enabler for responsibly and effectively leveraging social media tools.

To help fill the gap in what is known about social media policy in government, CTG undertook an effort to identify as many government social media policies as possible, to review those policies for patterns in content and approach, and to talk with those in government experienced in developing these policies or seeking further guidance in this area.

CTG's study identified eight essential elements of government social media policy: 1) employee access, 2) account management, 3) acceptable use, 4) employee conduct, 5) content, 6) security, 7) legal issues, and 8) citizen conduct.

Along with detailed descriptions and numerous examples of the eight essential elements, the guide also includes an overview of the three types of social media use that fall within the domain of government social media policy and brief guidance on strategies for getting started.