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CTG Web News Volume VII, Issue 15
Sent: Wednesday, November 24, 2004 2:04 PM

CTG Hosts Guest Speaker on E-Voting

Robert Krimmer from the University of Economics and Business Administration in Vienna will be visiting CTG on Wednesday, December 1. He will be presenting a talk on "Electronic Voting via the Internet—the European Experience" at 3:00 PM.

In the United States the use of electronic voting machines has been the subject of much discussion, including the idea of a Voter Verifiable Audit Trail. By contrast, many countries in Europe (including Switzerland, Germany, France, Spain, Austria, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom) are experimenting with the use of remote voting by electronic means via the Internet. This talk will offer a critical point of view on the current trials and experiences in Europe as well as a look at standardization efforts.

All are welcome. Please RSVP to or call 442-3892 if you plan to attend.

2nd Research Discussion Breakfast Focuses on Building Knowledge Networks in the Public Sector

On Wednesday, December 8th from 8:30 to 9:30 a.m. at CTG, Center Director Sharon Dawes will present a framework for assessing the success of public sector knowledge networks and will lead a discussion about critical success factors.

Public sector knowledge networks involve multiple organizations sharing knowledge and information in support of a common responsibility such as law enforcement or environmental management. Three kinds of success will be discussed: achievement of substantive network goals, enhanced relationships among the participating organizations, and improved ability of individuals to participate in and lead such networks.

To participate in this Research Discussion Breakfast, sign up at