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CTG Web News Volume VIII, Issue 2
Sent: Friday, January 28, 2005 11:46 AM

Briefing Highlights Success Factors for Government Collaborations

CTG this week released an executive briefing designed to support increasing efforts to deliver government services through multi-organizational collaborations. New Models of Collaboration: An Overview publications/reports/new_models_exec, is one of twelve resources CTG developed in 2004 to support the work of government managers and researchers.

The Overview offers a sample of what we learned about government partnerships in two years of research that spanned more than a dozen projects distributed across two continents, four countries, and three different languages.

New Models of Collaboration discusses four key management factors that the investigators found transcend both specific projects and national boundaries: leadership, trust, risk management, and communication.

All of these critical success factors are further developed as comparative essays in the New Models online guide, available at The guide also presents the story of each individual project as a case study.