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CTG Web News Volume IX, Issue 12
Sent: Tue, 19 Dec 2006 10:44 PM

First-of-its-kind Statewide IT Workforce Skills Assessment for New York State

CTG has released its latest report, "New York State Information Technology Workforce Skills Assessment: Statewide Survey Results." The report examines existing IT skill proficiencies, training needs, and future skills needed in New York State (NYS) government. The survey and report were sponsored by the New York State Chief Information Officer (CIO) Council's Human Resource Committee, in partnership with the Governor's Office of Employee Relations (GOER) and the Office for Technology (OFT).

Based on the survey findings, the State CIO Council Human Resources Committee prepared nine recommendations for next steps and action plans to enhance professional development and skill proficiency for the entire IT workforce.

The full statewide survey report and HR Committee policy recommendations can be downloaded from the CTG Web site at: http://www.ctg.albany.edu/projects/pubs?proj=nysit&sub=pubs at the NYS OCIO Web site at: http://www.cio.state.ny.us/nys%20it%20workforce%20skills.htm [ Dead Link ] .

For more informationon this project, go to: http://www.ctg.albany.edu/projects/nysit

Four International Working Groups on Digital Government Research Selected

CTG has selected four groups of international researchers to receive funding to advance digital government (DG) research on issues that cross national boundaries. The groups were chosen through a peer review of proposed research programs that would benefit from close collaboration of U.S. and international partners. U.S. participation in the groups will be supported by $280,000 over the next three years, made possible through a $1 million grant to CTG from the National Science Foundation's (NSF) Digital Research Program (DG) earlier this year. The overall goal of that larger grant is to build and sustain an international digital government research community. The international participants in the working groups will receive similar financial support from their home institutions or research programs.

For the full press release go to: http://www.ctg.albany.edu/about/press_dgi_20061213

For more information on CTG's project, Building a Sustainable International Digital Government Research Community, go to: http://www.ctg.albany.edu/projects/dgi

Leveraging Investments in the Electronic Commons

The USDA Forest Service recently highlighted the Leveraging Investments in the Electronic Commons project in its "Northeastern Area News Notes." CTG is working with the USDA to document the lessons learned by the eight project teams funded by the Electronic Commons program. To read the full story go to: http://www.ctg.albany.edu/projects/press?proj=usdafs&sub=press.

For more information on this CTG project go to: http://www.ctg.albany.edu/projects/usdafs