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CTG Web News Volume IX, Issue 9
Sent: Tue, 17 Oct 2006 4:01 PM

CTG Releases "Using XML for Web Site Management: Getting Started Guide"

CTG has released its second in a series of related products from its XML Testbed The "Using XML for Web Site Management: Getting Started Guide" is geared toward Webmasters, program management and staff, IT management and staff, Public Information Officers - anyone who wants a strong Web presence and an effective way to manage it.

The guide is based on CTG's own experience converting its Web site to XML, along with the experiences of five New York State agencies who participated in the Testbed. It complements "The XML Toolkit", a Web site of resources for implementing XML in a variety of Web environments.

CTG and SAP Meet with Press and Analysts on Public ROI

On October 10th in SAP's offices in Washington, D.C., CTG directors and SAP executives met with a select group of press and analysts, along with representatives from all five international case studies, to announce the results of CTG's and SAP's Public ROI project: Advancing Return on Investment Analysis for Government IT

This unique event served as SAP's official U.S. launch of the results of this year-long project. The event encouraged an interactive discussion to allow the participants to gain additional insights about the project from CTG researchers and the case study participants. In addition, it provided SAP and CTG with input on what to include in the next phase of their Public ROI collaboration.

To read more about the press coverage of CTG's Public ROI project go to:

Research Discussion Breakfast with Tim Lance of NYSERNet

Tuesday, October 31, 2006, 8:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.
Optical Networks - Different in Kind
Tim Lance, President and Chairman, NYSERNet

Over the past four or five years, the academic community has deployed optical networks so vastly greater in capacity that they not only enable quantitative differences in applications of the network, but qualitative changes. With deployment of fiber in New York City, creation of a major international peering point there, and a statewide optical infrastructure, NYSERNet has been at the forefront of deploying optical networks. Mr. Lance will discuss the assets New York has in place, and open the floor to discussion on this dawning age of new applications of the network and the host of ethical, legal, and regulatory issues that could arise.

The discussion will take place at CTG's offices at 187 Wolf Road, Albany, NY.