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CTG Web News Volume IX, Issue 8
Sent: Thu, 21 Sep 2006 3:45 PM

CTG Releases White Paper and Case Studies on Advancing Return on Investment Analysis for Government IT

CTG has released Advancing Return on Investment Analysis for Government IT: A Public Value Framework, along with five integral case study reports. The white paper takes on one of the biggest problems facing government IT projects: describing and measuring public value. CTG partnered on this project with SAP, the world's leading provider of business software solutions for public sector organizations, to produce a comprehensive, non-proprietary public ROI methodology.

CTG Honored with Best of the Web Award from NYS Forum

CTG was recently awarded the New York State Forum's Best of the Web award for its online XML Toolkit http://www.thexmltoolkit.org/. The Forum annually recognizes the innovative use of Web technology by New York state and local governments. The awards are given based on innovative use of technology, value to client, and cost efficiency to the agency.

The purpose of the XML Toolkit site is to help agencies implement XML-based Web site management, which offers great savings and efficiencies in streamlined workflow, consistency of content, and accuracy of information. CTG has experienced over 50% reduction in Web maintenance costs due to automation of tasks via XML.

CTG at GTC East 2006

Please visit CTG's Booth at the GTC East 2006 Solutions Center in Albany, NY on Wednesday and Thursday, September 27-28. In addition, Tony Cresswell, deputy director, will be speaking on the topic, "Public ROI," on Thursday, September 28 at 1:30 p.m. This session will describe current and potential new methods for Public ROI analysis that can begin to account for both costs and returns in social, political and economic terms that are broader and softer than the hard financial measures used in business.

For more information on GTC East 2006 go to: http://www.govtech.net/gtc/index.php/GTCEast2006

For more information on Tony Cresswell's session go to: http://www.govtech.net/gtc/index.php/GTCEast2006/Public_ROI