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CTG Web News Volume IX, Issue 7
Sent: Thu, 17 Aug 2006 030:02 AM

CTG Announces New Releases in its XML-based Services

Online XML Toolkit Expanded with More Code Samples

CTG has updated its Web site of XML resources,, with additional code samples for ASP (VB Script), ASP.NET (C#), PHP, JSP, Java Filter, ColdFusion, and Dreamweaver -- which covers most Web server environments. The XML Toolkit, originally released in April of 2006 is a product of the Center's XML Testbed (, which served to assist New York State agencies in examining the benefits as well as the challenges of Web site management using the emerging technology of XML.

The purpose of this Web site is to help organizations implement XML within their environment for better content and Web site management. The code samples are provided in a modest, moderate, and elaborate framework with clearly explained learning steps that address specific topics. Samples are provided for a variety of environments to assist developers learning how to integrate XML in their current Web environment. Along with specific code examples, the Web site contains information and links to other resources such as XML editors, software conversion tools, and XML tips, guides, and reports.

Future releases of The XML Toolkit will include samples that integrate relational database information with XML/XSL and other advanced topics, including collaborative components.

RSS Feeds Keep Users Updated on CTG Developments

CTG has added RSS feeds to its Web site. RSS is an XML-based format used for syndication of Web content that notifies users of new content automatically, without making the user check for it or navigate the entire Web site looking for changes. RSS feeds keep interested users updated on the topics that interest them by delivering news of those updates directly to them — when they happen.

CTG offers RSS feeds for its home page, press releases, Web News emails, new publication alerts, new project alerts, and current project updates. If you’re familiar with RSS, go directly to CTG’s RSS page at and subscribe to the feeds that interest you. If you’re new to RSS, this same Web page offers background information and helpful tips on how to start using RSS. It’s simple, customizable, and a productive way to stay informed.