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On the Calendar
2017 (Jun-Apr)
Cook to give keynote to NYSAMPO Conference
June 20, 2017 |
New York
Meghan Cook was asked to present the lunch keynote on smart cities at the New York State Association of Metropolitan Planning Organization (NYSAMPO) Conference. NYSAMPO is a coalition of the fourteen metropolitan planning organizations in New York State.

Gasco presenting papers at PMRC
June 8-10, 2017 |
Washington D.C.
CTG Associate Research Director Mila Gasco will present two papers at the Public Management Research Conference in Washington, a gathering of public management experts from around the world. Mila's papers are titled “The role of networks and collaborative processes in the digital transformation of state governments” and “Public engagement or political marketing? The untold story about the use of social media in local governments.”

Several CTG team members presenting at dg.o
June 7-9, 2017 |
Staten Island
New York
Megan Sutherland, Meghan Cook, J. Ramon Gil-Garcia, Theresa Pardo, Teresa Harrison, Felippe Cronemberger, Sora Park, Luis F. Luna-Reyes, and Sharon Dawes will participate in different capacities at the Digital Government Society’s 18th Annual International Conference on Digital Government Research. Some highlights include: Sutherland and Cook are presenting their paper on data-driven smart cities, Harrison is presenting a paper on e-petitioning and online media, Gil-Garcia is presenting multiple papers co-authored with Cronemberger and Park, and Pardo, who is a DGS Board Member and dg.o Program Committee Member, will present as part of a panel on data collaboratives, and moderate a panel on digital government research centers.

Pardo and Cook participating in joint ICF/dg.o day
June 7, 2017 |
Staten Island
New York
The Intelligent Community Forum (ICF) and the Digital Government Society (DGS), both global networks designed to connect e-government experts worldwide for collaboration and knowledge-sharing, have joined forces with the help of CTG to host a collaborative day in conjunction with their regularly scheduled, separate conferences. Cook is co-organizing a featured session and discussions regarding the future “grand challenges” for the world’s communities with Roberto Gallardo, Professor and Founder of the ICF Institute at Mississippi State University Extension. Pardo will open the session to provide insights on societal trends, transformative movements, and the real challenges facing cities together with Rob van Gijzel, the former mayor of a city in the Netherlands and the winner of the ICF’s “Most Intelligent Community” Award.

Cook to present at Administrative Sciences Association of Canada conference
May 30, 2017 |
CTG Program Director Meghan Cook will travel to Montreal as an invited speaker to present on smart cities as part of a panel discussion at a conference for the Administrative Sciences Association of Canada. The conference's overall theme is “Digital Economies and Cities" and will highlight the growing importance of technology and information exchanges between community stakeholders including governments, enterprises, and citizens.

Canestraro presenting session on social media to Associate of Clerks
May 18, 2017 |
New York
CTG Program Director Donna Canestraro will present "Social media: Like it or not, it's here to stay!" to the New York State Association of Clerks of Legislative Boards at their annual training school and conference this May. Participants will gain an understanding of the different social media channels, gain an overview of successful local government social media efforts, understand benefits stemming from social media use at the local level, and will be able to create an action list for when they return to their individual municipalities.

Cook to act as session Chair & moderate sessions at NYSLGITDA Conference
May 16, 2017 |
New York
CTG Program Director Meghan Cook, who serves as an advisor to the New York State Local Government IT Directors Association (NYSLGITDA), has been asked to Chair a session and also moderate two panel discussions at the organization's annual spring conference. One panel discussion will focus on "Cybersecurity in local governments: practice points, technology tips, funding options and lessons learned" and the other is titled "Candid conversations on lessons learned and future contracting for cloud and 'as a service' contracts in New York State."

Canestraro moderating technology panel at Capital Region Food Summit
April 4, 2017 |
New York
Program Director Donna Canestraro was asked to moderate a panel on Innovation & Technology for Hunger Relief at the Capital District Food Summit, a collaborative effort between the Food Pantries for the Capital District, Siena College, UAlbany's School of Public Health, and sponsored by SEFCU. The summit aims to bring together food assistance providers in order to share best practices and innovations in hunger relief efforts.

Mila Gasco traveling to Budapest for IRSPM Conference
April 19-21, 2017 |
Associate Research Director Mila Gasco will attend and present at the 21st Annual International Research Society for Public Management Conference, the theme of which is "the culture and context of public management." Mila is co-chairing two panels, one on Leadership and another on Smart Cities: A Global Comparative Public Management Perspective. Additionally, Mila will present her paper titled "Determinants of co-production of public services in urban environments."

Meghan Cook to convene panel at the Dubai International Government Achievements Exhibition
April 3, 2017 |
United Arab Emirates
Program Director Meghan Cook will travel to Dubai to present and facilitate a session at the Dubai International Government Achievements Exhibition (DIGAE), an annual public sector showcase where local authorities, institutions, departments and agencies unveil their most effective programs and innovative solutions. The session Meghan is convening is on the "Internet of Things (IoT) and Blockchain Practice: Exploring the Implications of a New Public Administration" and will delve into emerging technologies through multiple perspectives including technical, legal, policy, data, and economic perspectives while providing opportunities for participants ask questions and discuss the sociotechnical and practice implications of these innovations.

Gasco to present three papers and co-chair workshop at HICSS-51
January 2-6, 2018 |
Big Island
CTG Associate Research Director Mila Gasco will be presenting three papers “Providing Public Value through Data Sharing: Understanding Critical Factors of Food Traceability for Local Farms and Institutional Buyers," “Determinants and barriers of e-procurement: A European comparison of public sector experiences,” and “Understanding the Success of Government Portals: The Role of Political Leadership, Standards, and a Powerful Centralized IT Agency” at HICSS-51. She will also co-chair, with CTG Director Theresa Pardo, the workshop on smart cities, titled “Smart Cities and Smart Governments: The Enabling Role of Research and Practice Collaborations in the Urban Context.”