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On the Calendar
2016 (Mar-Jan)
Ku to present paper at ASPA conference
March 18-22, 2016 |
CTG Postdoctoral Associate Minyoung Ku will attend the 77th Annual Conference of the American Society of Public Administration to present a paper she co-authored with CTG Research Director, J. Ramon Gil-Garcia. The paper is entitled "Fighting Urban Blight Through Networked Governance: A Cross-Network Approach to Information Sharing" and will be presented during the conference's local government panel.

Dawes to present at British House of Commons
March 9-10, 2016 |
United Kingdom
CTG Senior Fellow Sharon Dawes will travel to the UK to present at several events on the topic of government information sharing, organized by Professor Rob Wilson of Newcastle University. On March 9th, Sharon will partipicate in an international panel debate entitled "Information Sharing for Public Services" at the British House of Commons, sponsored by the Economic and Social Science Research Council. Sharon and other experts will address one of the most compelling issues in the delivery of public services for citizens: how to make information sharing work better, and where to go from here.

During her visit to the UK, Sharon will also present at an international academic seminar on information sharing at Newcastle University. Sharon will present "A Realistic Look at Open Data" at the seminar, which is hosted by the University's Centre for Knowledge Innovation Technology and Enterprise.

Pardo to speak at Argentinian Forum of Digital Transformation
March 7, 2016 |
Buenos Aires
CTG Director Theresa Pardo will participate in a panel discussion entitled "International Experiences" at the Argentinian Forum of Digital Transformation, held in Buenos Aires. Theresa will discuss considerations for digital public service innovation and will highlight some best practices. The event, coordinated by the United Nations University Operating Unit on Policy-Driven Electronic Governance, aims to raise awareness about the need for multisectoral public policies, foster an international network of stakeholders, encourage learning about international cases, and more.

Pardo to delivery keynote at ICEGOV
Feb 29-March 4, 2016 |
CTG Director Theresa Pardo will delivery a keynote speech entitled "Evidence-based Policy and Sustainable Development: the Role of Open Data" at the 9th Annual International Conference on Theory and Practice of Electronic Governance. In addition to presenting a keynote, Pardo will participate in a panel discussion, and present a paper she co-authored with CTG Research Director J. Ramon Gil-Garcia and CTG Program Associate Megan Sutherland. Pardo is also an organizer of the conference's "Leading Change: A Conversation Among Women Leaders in Digital Government" networking breakfast.

Also at ICEGOV, members of the Smart Cities Smart Government Research Practice Consortium (SCSGRPC) will gather to share ideas and new knowledge. The SCSGRPC, which is based at CTG, is a robust global Smart Cities research community that focuses on innovations in technology, management and policy that change the fabric of the world's cities.

Cook to present at NYCOM's Winter Legislative Meeting
February 08, 2016 |
CTG Program Director Meghan Cook will participate in a panel discussion entitled "Innovative Solutions to Dealing with Distressed, Vacant, and Abandoned Properties" at the 2016 Winter Legislative Meeting of the New York State Conference of Mayors. In addition to featuring a discussion about CTG's work helping to develop a regional code enforcement program, the panel will provide an overview of land banking and innovative practices that are being used throughout the country.

Canestraro to present at NYSAC Legislative Conference
February 02, 2016 |
CTG Program Director Donna Canestraro will present "Strategies for local government: Keeping the cost of social media low" at the annual Legislative Conference of the New York State Association of Counties. Each year the conference brings together hundreds of county officials to participate in training programs, learn abuot cutting edge solutions, and hear from state leaders. Donna's presentation will take place during the conference's "Tweet it! Social Media 101 for County Officials" workshop.

Gasco to present three papers and co-chair workshop at HICSS-51
January 2-6, 2018 |
Big Island
CTG Associate Research Director Mila Gasco will be presenting three papers “Providing Public Value through Data Sharing: Understanding Critical Factors of Food Traceability for Local Farms and Institutional Buyers," “Determinants and barriers of e-procurement: A European comparison of public sector experiences,” and “Understanding the Success of Government Portals: The Role of Political Leadership, Standards, and a Powerful Centralized IT Agency” at HICSS-51. She will also co-chair, with CTG Director Theresa Pardo, the workshop on smart cities, titled “Smart Cities and Smart Governments: The Enabling Role of Research and Practice Collaborations in the Urban Context.”