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On the Calendar
2014 (Sep-Jul)
Dawes and Gil-Garcia to Participate at IFIP EGov 2014
September 1-3, 2014 |
Sharon Dawes and Ramon Gil-Garcia will be participating at the IFIP eGovernment Conference 2014, which is organized by the IFIP Working Group 8.5 on information systems in the public sector. Dawes and Gil-Garcia are senior faculty of the PhD Colloquium, which aims to bring PhD students who are scattered across countries and disciplines more together. Both Dawes and Gil-Garcia are also on the Program Committee of this conference, which brings together scholars from all over the globe to present the state of the art and most recent innovations in e-government, e-governance and related fields of study. The conference provides a highly interactive and professional forum for exchanging research concepts, progress and results. Ramon will present two papers on which he is co-author, Towards an Evaluation Model for Open Government: A Preliminary Proposal, and The Problem of Technological and Social Determinism: Integrative Approaches and some Non-Deterministic Concepts for Digital Government.

Gasco to present three papers and co-chair workshop at HICSS-51
January 2-6, 2018 |
Big Island
CTG Associate Research Director Mila Gasco will be presenting three papers “Providing Public Value through Data Sharing: Understanding Critical Factors of Food Traceability for Local Farms and Institutional Buyers," “Determinants and barriers of e-procurement: A European comparison of public sector experiences,” and “Understanding the Success of Government Portals: The Role of Political Leadership, Standards, and a Powerful Centralized IT Agency” at HICSS-51. She will also co-chair, with CTG Director Theresa Pardo, the workshop on smart cities, titled “Smart Cities and Smart Governments: The Enabling Role of Research and Practice Collaborations in the Urban Context.”