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On the Calendar
Gil-Garcia to present at HICSS
January 4-7, 2017 |
Waikoloa Village
Research Director J. Ramon Gil-Garcia will travel to Hawaii to present a paper and co-chair the E-Government Symposium at the Annual Hawaii International Conference of System Sciences (HICSS). Ramon's paper, co-authored with CTG Research Fellow Djoko Sigit Sayogo and PhD student Felippe Cronemberger, is titled "Assessing the Role of Executive Involvement and Information Needs as SocioTechnical Determinants of Governance in IIS Success." The E-Government Symposium he's coordinating at the conference, focusing on smart cities, is also chaired by CTG Director Theresa Pardo, Associate Research Director Mila Gasco, and Reserach Fellow Hans Jochen Scholl.

Megan Sutherland to speak at Mohawk Valley Conference on Sustainable Development & Collaborative Governance
December 13, 2016 |
Program Associate Megan Sutherland is an invited panel speaker at Governor Cuomo's Mohawk Valley Conference on Sustainable Development & Collaborative Governance, where she will discuss CTG's project working with four local cities with funding from the Department of State to combat urban blight through regional information sharing. The conference is part of a larger series hosted by Governor Cuomo, with Meghan Cook having spoke at the Capital Region conference. The conferences focus on the potential for planned, coordinated governance with an emphasis on economic development, transportation, housing and environmental preservation.

Meghan Cook to present at Smart Cities International Symposium & Exhibition
January 24-25, 2017 |
Program Director Meghan Cook will speak on a Keynote Plenary Panel and will also Chair and organize a Smart Data Insights panel at the Smart Cities International Symposium & Exhibition in Chicago, an event designed to bring together thought leaders and practitioners from around the world to explore the most recent technology advances, business models, and lessons learned to date in making the Smart City a reality.

Meghan Cook to convene panel at the Dubai International Government Achievements Exhibition
April 3, 2017 |
United Arab Emirates
Program Director Meghan Cook will travel to Dubai to present and facilitate a session at the Dubai International Government Achievements Exhibition (DIGAE), an annual public sector showcase where local authorities, institutions, departments and agencies unveil their most effective programs and innovative solutions. The session Meghan is convening is on the "Internet of Things (IoT) and Blockchain Practice: Exploring the Implications of a New Public Administration" and will delve into emerging technologies through multiple perspectives including technical, legal, policy, data, and economic perspectives while providing opportunities for participants ask questions and discuss the sociotechnical and practice implications of these innovations.