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Schenectady Gazette
Increased fees for registering vacant properties proposed
July 2, 2018: Mayor Gary McCarthy, citing figures the city worked out with the University at Albany’s Center for Technology in Government, said a vacant building could cost a municipality more than $60,000 over a seven-year period.
New York Times
M.T.A. Pins Its Hopes on Unproven Technology to Fix Subway
April 23, 2018: A new report by the Center for Technology in Government at the University at Albany found that ultra-wideband technology could provide a cheaper alternative to existing signal technologies.

E-gov vs digital gov: What's the difference?
Oct. 3, 2017: E-government, electronic government, internet governance, digital government, online government, connected government - what's the difference?
Times Union
Albany pursuing wireless internet for all
Sept. 5, 2017: Ever-evolving technology has Albany officials considering wireless options to provide municipal internet for the capital city.

Federal Computer Week
Does the IRS have a cloud strategy?
Aug. 21, 2017: Congress and government watchdogs want to know and are concerned that agency officials are passing up efficiency and cost-savings opportunities...
Smart & Resilient Cities
Evaluating Government’s Cyber Risk Through A Legal Lens
Aug. 17, 2017: This editorial was developed by CTG with Albany Law School graduate assistants, in which the students explored technology innovations through a legal lens.

Democrat & Chronicle, Part of the USA Today Network
Many county websites have big gaps in online information
March 12, 2017: One of the clear results of November’s elections and their aftermath is that many citizens have a profound mistrust of the institutions that govern their lives.
We, the people (online): e-democracy and the future of government and governance
Feb. 22, 2017: Our perception of government and how it works has been traditionally based on all those Civics lessons: we exercise the right to vote to send someone to represent our interests, to craft laws, and to implement them at the local or national level.

Assessing Shared IT Services Today
Dec. 31, 2016: here are some successful examples of shared IT services at the local level, but more is needed and challenges can impede their growth.
Coffee Break with Game Changers
Smart Cities, Smart Streets: IoT to the Rescue
Nov. 9, 2016: Cities around the world are on a mission: maintain a safe, clean, well-oiled, inclusive urban environment for residents, businesses, and visitors.

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