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Digital Towpath Holds Annual Meeting at CTG, Announces Partnership
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Digital Towpath Holds Annual Meeting at CTG, Announces Partnership
September 25, 2015
Digital Towpath (DTP), an electronic government shared services program for rural and small local governments in New York State, held its Annual Meeting at the Center for Technology in Government on Friday, September 25th. Unlike larger governments, small municipalities often do not have the resources to support high-level use of technology. DTP was established in 1998 to meet this need by providing tools for the establishment and maintenance of low-cost government websites. In the years since, DTP has grown into a multi-faceted electronic government platform, providing low-cost web based tools and services for government websites, email, electronic records management, cybersecurity, storage, and more.

It was announced at the Annual Meeting that CTG will partner with DTP to enhance DTP’s current shared services platform with an improved electronic records management system and integration with a new building codes software package. This project, funded by the New York State Archives Local Government Records Management Improvement Fund, will consist of three phases over an 18-month period and will involve a team of Computer Science students from the UAlbany College of Engineering and Applied Sciences led by experts from CTG and DTP.