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41st Hawaii International Conference on
System Sciences (HICSS 41)

Electronic Government Track
E-Policy, Law, and Governance
E-Policy, Law, and Governance focuses on how the development, utilization, and expansion of information and communications technologies (ICT) are interrelated with creation and implementation of public policies and laws as well as how these technologies impact and influence governance systems. While ICT can offer means to increased efficiency and effectiveness, these technologies must be tempered by concerns of equity and access.

Public policy issues and their analysis pertain to
  • the digital divide,
  • ICT standards,
  • Diffusion and adoption of ICT, and
  • the role of ICT in public and health service administration.
  • E-polices and their analysis at the national level.
E-governance relates to
  • Legal and policy implications of inter-organizational and public-private sector systems for government service delivery and includes
    • Transparency,
    • Trust, and legitimacy concerns
    • issues of accountability, responsiveness, and authority.
Minitrack Co-chairs
Keith A. Schildt
(Primary Contact)

Keith A. Schildt University of La Verne
College of Business & Public Management
1950 Third Street
La Verne, California, 91750, USA
Phone: 1-909-593-3511 x4818
Sharon S. Dawes
Center for Technology in Government
University at Albany, SUNY
187 Wolf Road, Suite 301
Albany, NY 12205, USA
Phone: 1-518-442-3892
Fax: 1-518-442-3886
Stuart W. Shulman
School of Information Sciences
University Center for Social and Urban Research
University of Pittsburgh
121 University Place, Suite 600
Pittsburgh, PA 15260, USA
Phone: +1-412-624-3776
Fax: +1-412-624-4810