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41st Hawaii International Conference on
System Sciences (HICSS 41)

Electronic Government Track
E-Government Emerging Topics
Since e-Government is a nascent academic field, its structure is still evolving. While initial emphases wither, new directions of practice and research are forming. Whereas some new trends in technology and management cut across existing perspectives, other new topics may have the potential to become a subfield in their own right. Furthermore, the research foundations of the field still need to be spelled out more explicitly and rigorously. New data is badly needed. More new topics and trends are emerging in e-Government, for which it may be difficult to locate a nurturing home in one of the existing minitracks within the e-Gov Track at HICSS. Therefore, the e-Government Emerging Topics minitrack provides a home for incubating those new topics and trends. Topics and research areas include but are not limited to:
  • The conceptual and practice-based boundaries of the field of e-Government
  • Agendas for e-Government research
  • Research methodologies for the study of e-Government
  • he nature of inter and multidisciplinary research designs in e-Government
  • Differences and similarities between e-Government, PMIS and MIS research
  • Mobile Government: Challenges, opportunities, standards, and protocols
  • Mobile voice/data integration
  • Mobile to legacy/non-mobile application integration
  • Web 2.0 in government
  • Data-driven public policy and decision -making
  • e-Voting experience and issues
  • Gov’t role in open-source
  • Archiving and Preservation for small organizations
  • IT, government, and an aging population
  • Others as appropriate to the purposes of the mini-track

Minitrack Co-chairs
Theresa A. Pardo (Primary Contact)
Center for Technology in Government
University at Albany, SUNY
187 Wolf Road, Suite 301
Albany, NY 12205, USA
Phone: +1-518-442-3892
Fax: +1-518-442-3886
Lawrence E. Brandt
Digital Government Research
Division of Information and Intelligent Systems, CISE Directorate
National Science Foundation, Suite 1125
Arlington VA 22230, USA
Phone: +1-703-292-8912
Fax: +1-703-292-9073
Maddalena Sorrentino
State University of Milan, Italy
Dept. of Social and Political studies
Via Conservatorio, 7
20122 Milan, Italy
Phone: +39-02-50318841