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Technology Transfer



Technology Transfer
Transferring knowledge and developing practical tools is a primary focus of the Center for Technology in Government.

Technology transfer provides a mechanism for disseminating CTG’s knowledge and research results through the use of licensure agreements for delivery of practical products developed for public benefit within the commercial market place. These licensure agreements generate royalty income that will benefit the continuing research and product development at the Center.

Under CTG’s technology transfer, we have a new initiative at the Center: Advanced Web Technologies (AWT).

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Advanced Web Technologies (AWT) is the Center’s innovation for transferring the results of web technologies research and development of practical tools and training for licensure and delivery through commercial partners.

Training Partnership
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CTG’s two-day XML training curriculums, Using XML for Web Site Management and Using XML Databases and XQuery, are under a licensure agreement with MicroKnowledge, Inc. for delivery to government practioners and public benefit.