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Visiting Scholars Program
The Center for Technology in Government (CTG) has a strong network of international scholars who have had the opportunity to visit and share their research, interacting with CTG staff and other University at Albany faculty on shared interests. CTG is open to advanced doctoral students, post-doctoral fellows, and academic professionals from all over the world and all related disciplines.

visiting scholars summer 2016

Successful applicants have the following characteristics:
  • Qualified educational background
    Applicants should be formally affiliated with a recognized academic institution.
  • Experience working in applied research settings
    Applicants should have experience in engaged scholarship with a focus on government organizations.
  • Ability to work in a team-based setting
    CTG projects rely on a team-based approach and strong relationships among the project staff. Applicants should be comfortable working in a team environment.
  • Recommendation from a CTG staff member or a CTG research partner
    Strong candidates typically have a recommendation from one of our staff members or one of our research colleagues.
Types of Visits

Short-Term Visits
Applications for visits of 1 month or less are accepted on a rolling basis. For short-term visitors, we ask that you submit your application to the visiting scholar coordinator at least 3 months prior to the date you wish to arrive.

Long-Term Visits
Individuals who are interested in visiting CTG for longer than one month should submit their applications to the visiting scholar coordinator, according to the schedule below. Generally, the Center accepts only one to two long-term visitors during an academic semester.

Application Calendar
Although CTG operates year-round, we try to schedule visits according to the University at Albany’s academic calendar. All applications should be submitted to the visiting scholar coordinator.

Academic Calendar
Fall: End of August to Mid-December
Spring: Mid-January to End of May
Summer: June to Mid-August

Application Due Dates
Fall Visits: April 1st
Spring Visits: October 1st
Summer Visits: February 1st

The CTG Visiting Scholar Program does not provide funding. We will provide a workspace, basic research resources, and opportunities to meet with CTG staff and others at the University. All applicants must provide their own funding for travel, accommodations, and other expenses.

Important Logistic Information
CTG is located off-campus. Therefore, travel to the University requires a car or the use of public transportation, which is limited between CTG and the UAlbany campus. The University at Albany does not provide short- or long-term housing. Visitors are responsible for finding their own lodging, whether they stay at a hotel or make arrangements for a rental.

Application Materials
If interested in being considered for CTG’s Visiting Scholar Program, please provide the following information:
  • Curriculum Vitae
    Applicant should be an established scholar at a recognized institution.
  • A Research Plan or Statement of Purpose, which includes:
    -The proposed dates of your visit.
    -How you learned about CTG.
    -Your interests and how they match CTG projects or topic areas.
    -The goals and expectations you have for your visit.

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