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Tara Hariprasad

Tara Hariprasad
Tara is a senior, majoring in sociology and minoring in psychology

What brought you to the Center for Technology in Government?
CTG's involvement in various areas of research and its partnerships with a diversity of groups is what drew my initial attention. Within the first few days of working here as one of their students I became involved with CTG's efforts in aiding the National Youth in Transition Database. Being a sociology major with a passion for research this was the perfect project for me to delve into. I have CTG to thank for giving me the opportunity to advance my knowledge and experience in the workforce.

What did you do prior to coming to CTG?
Currently I am a student at the University at Albany. Whilst pursuing a degree in sociology, I have been learning about the structure and function of society and human behavior. This to me is essential and absolutely irreplaceable knowledge.

What are your plans/goals for the future?
I am looking to pursue a career where I can utilize what I have studied and learned in order to contribute to the betterment of society and social welfare. Thanks to CTG I have developed a strong interest in child services. My interest also extends to the mental health and counseling fields.

How can CTG help you reach your goal for the future?
Sociology and research plays an essential part in the various projects undertaken by CTG. This is especially true working with NYTD. Working here I can learn how to properly use my skills while gaining real experience on meaningful projects and seeing the results of my work first hand. My decision to work at CTG is one that I will never regret.

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