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Rahul Srivastava

Rahul Srivastava
Rahul is a student at the University at Albany's College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, studying for a Masters Degree in Computer Science.

What brought you to the Center for Technology in Government?
I learned about the Center for Technology in Government through UAlbany's Computer Science department. I knew CTG would be the perfect platform to apply my knowledge while also improving my technical skills at the same time.

What did you do prior to coming to CTG?
Before I came to CTG, I receieved my bachelor's degree in Information Science & Engineering. I also worked as a software engineer at Dextral Solutions in India, where I am from. During my studies in India, I worked with my professors on an efficient compression technique for large data with minimum loss and high speed.

What are your plans/goals for the future?
Once I graduate from UAlbany, I am planning on pursuing a career in the field of databases, distributed systems and data mining of spatial temporal, textual, or social media data.

How can CTG help you reach your goal for the future?
Presently I am a part of the Digital Towpath project team at CTG. Working on this project is giving me hands-on experience with new technologies that I haven't previously worked with. This will help me grow professionally and will better prepare me for my career.