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Jonathon Stricoff

Jonathon Stricoff
Jonathan is a Senior at the University at Albany majoring in accounting with a minor in business.

What brought you to the Center for Technology in Government?
Throughout highschool and college I have always had an interest in computers, programming, technology and its impact on life in the modern world. I wanted an internship that would give me real world exposure to accounting but with an emphasis on cutting edge technology. I came across CTG’s website and decided it would be the ideal group to work with.

What did you do prior to coming to CTG?
Prior to CTG I have had several positions, some I still hold. I serve as an elections commissioner for the University at Albany Student Association, and also as a student group treasurer. I’ve worked as a bookkeeper and as a sales associate in retail. In my free time I enjoy running and creative writing.

What are your plans/goals for the future?
In the future I hope to use my accounting degree in combination with information technology and “big data” to provide guidance making firms and governments more efficient.

How can CTG help you reach your goal for the future?
By working with CTG I have been challenged with tasks outside my zone of familiarity. I believe being able to adapt and overcome is paramount to success. For this reason I highly value the experiences I have had in addition to the professionals I have met here at the Center for Technology in Government.