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Guilherme Xavier Ferreira

Guilherme Xavier Ferreira
Guilherme is an exchange student at the University at Albany, attending on a scholarship from the Brazil Scientific Mobility Program. He is taking courses at UAlbany in Computer Science and IT Management, and expects to graduate from Federal University of Itajuba in Itajuba-MG, Brazil with a Bachelor of Science in December 2015.

What brought you to the Center for Technology in Government?
I have been working in the IT field in Brazil for some years, developing solutions for both private and public organizations. I was looking for a summer internship and I heard about CTG through my classmates. I thought CTG could be an excellent place for my internship, especially because I always enjoyed researching the use of information systems in the government context. Also, working at CTG I expect to learn how a research center in U.S. operates and contribute with my knowledge.

What did you do prior to coming to CTG?
Before I came to U.S., I was involved in the research group VisPublica, researching the use of data visualizations in the government context. As a college student, I’ve worked at B2ML Systems for two years, developing e-commerce and other web-based systems. In high school, when I was pursuing my technician degree in Informatics, I worked as a freelance web designer.

What are your plans/goals for the future?
My future plans are to finish my exchange student program, and return to Brazil to graduate. After that, I want to attend graduate school and in the future I hope to work in something that I really enjoy and keep always learning.

How can CTG help you reach your goal for the future?
Working at CTG, I’m learning new skills in my study area and am also learning about the U.S. work environment. I think this experience will support my future career and be a great differential for me as a professional.