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Since its establishment as part of the University at Albany, State University of New York in 1993, the Center for Technology in Government has generated significant contributions to the field of government information technology, or what has been recently called digital government. After two decades, CTG is an internationally recognized research center, identified around the world for its expertise in information strategy and management in the public sector.

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CTG’s record is also impressive in terms of academic publications and the influence of these publications is clearly reflected in a high number of citations in journal articles from multiple disciplines such as Public Administration, Information Systems, and Digital Government. In fact, over the last decade, CTG researchers have been recognized among the top 10 scholars in the field of digital government worldwide based on the number of publications and citations. In addition, a number of CTG publications have won “Best Paper” awards in prestigious academic conferences and peer-reviewed journals. CTG researchers also serve as editorial board members in 5 of the best academic journals in the field of Digital Government. They have played leadership roles in three of the four most influential Digital Government academic conferences worldwide. The below links provide access to CTG’s academic publications.

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