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PAD 305: Public Administration and Information Technologies

This course, available to Undergraduate students, provides an overview of topics related to the use of information technologies in public administration, including websites, social media, and mobile applications, among others. It covers topics such as e-government, e-democracy, e-governance, leadership, e-producrement, and information security and privacy.

PAD 550:Foundations of Government Information Strategy and Management

Introduces the interaction of policy, management, and information technology in the design, operation, and evaluation of government operations and public services.

PAD 577: Information Technology, Globalization and Global Governance

This course examines the role of information technology in globalization, democratization, diplomacy, security, and international development.

PAD 611: Decision Making in Government and Administration

Rational decision theory and decision-making practice as illustrated by case materials. Topics covered may include: the economic concept of utility and maximization, the analytic problems of modeling and uncertainty; the psychological considerations of individual preferences and risk taking behavior; the organiaztional and political context of decisions and its effect on agency choice; and current trends in public decision-making structures.

PAD 615: Strategic Planning and Management

This course focuses on strategic planning and strategic management theories, issues and techniques. Strategic planning topics include environmental scanning, organizational assessment, futures research and forecasting models, methods for analyzing organizational culture, goal=setting techniques, implementation of strategic plans, strategic issues management, analysis of managerial and production systems, and management by objectives (MBO) systems.

PAD 650: Building a Case for IT Investments in the Public Sector

This course, based on CTG's 'Making Smart IT Choices', presents a formal methodology for making IT investment decisions including problem definition, stakeholder analysis, process analysis, best and current practices, technology awareness, and case building.

PAD 652: Seminar on Information Strategy and Management

This seminar, intended to be taken in conjunction with PAD 550 or 650, provides perspectives on the field of information strategy and management by leaders from government agencies, nonprofit organizations, private companies, and research organizations.

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