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Student Technology Innovations Lab Experience (STILE)
The Student Technology Innovations Lab Experience (STILE) brings together University at Albany students, faculty, and CTG's cutting edge research and strategic consulting to help government agencies find solutions to pressing public problems. STILE provides government agencies with research, development, testing, and evaluation expertise while at the same time, providing experiential learning opportunities for students.


The CTG STILE program works with government agencies to identify current research needs; typically focused on the practicality and feasibility of applying a current or emerging technology to improve government operations or citizen services. Working side-by-side, CTG and UAlbany experts and students develop prototypes, feasibility studies, and proof of concept solutions. Governments then use the result of these projects to help make more informed decisions on technology investments to include any necessary policy development and improved work practices to maximize the benefits of using these technologies.

If you are interested in the STILE program, please tell us about your needs and we'll be in touch.

Past participants in CTG's STILE program:
• New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH)
• Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA)

Examples of research & development topics:
• Open Data Visualization Techniques
• Ultra Wideband for Public Transportation
• Computer Vision for Combatting Urban Blight

What people are saying:

• "CTG’s STILE program has provided a tremendous opportunity for the Health Data NY program to expand its capability in presenting our own health data. We learned a great deal about what makes a good open dataset and ways to improve how we publish data." - Natalie H., director of Health Data NY for NYSDOH

• "I want to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to work at CTG. This week I received two excellent job offers, and both organizations were impressed with the work I did as a student at CTG. I would have not received either offer without the opportunity the CTG team provided me." - Sean F., former student

• "My summer at CTG went far beyond what I expected and I couldn’t have imagined a better experience. This project allowed me to learn new technologies, and explore different areas of computer science including data analysis, data manipulation, data visualization, web design, and more. My time at CTG greatly enhanced my knowledge and reinforced how exploring different areas can be positive,” Gabriel F., former student

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