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Jing Zhang
Jing Zhang
Research Fellow
Follow on:

  • Organizational impact of technology and innovation
  • Sustainable consumption and sustainable supply chain
  • Inter-organizational information and knowledge sharing
  • Smart grid adoption

Brief Bio
Jing Zhang is an Associate Professor of Management at Clark University and Acting Director of the MBA program. Her research focuses on the interaction between information technology and organizations, particularly in inter-organizational information and knowledge sharing efforts in public sector. Using qualitative and quantitative research methods, she explores the questions of trust development, leadership paradoxes, social capital, collaboration models, and governance structure in situations where inter-organizational information integrations are involved.

Her more recent research took upon the issue of sustainability. She focuses on the role of information and information technology in enabling sustainable consumption, and as well as social technical adoption of smart-grid technologies. She has published in European Journal of Information Systems, Public Performance and Management Review, Information Technology and Management, International Journal of Enterprise Information Management, among others. Her work has been supported by US National Science Foundation, Mosakowski Institute of Public Enterprise at Clark, and Chongqing Bureau of Education in China.

She has been a member of the organizing committee of the Annual International Conference on Digital Government Research (dg.o) for many years, and served as program co-chair for dg.o in the last three years. She co-edited a special issue for Government Information Quarterly, Information Polity, and Information Technology and Management.
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Jing Zhang holds a PhD in Information Science from University at Albany, SUNY. She worked as a Graduate Assistant at Center for Technology in Government from 1999 to 2003. Later on she collaborated with CTG on the NSF funded project of INTEROP: Building Information Sharing Networks to Support Consumer Choice, and served as a Co-PI. She was also a participants of the North American Digital Government Working Group funded by NSF.

Selected Publications
Haixin Liu, Jing Zhang, Renjing Liu, Guiquan Li (accepted for publication) Model for consumer knowledge contribution behavior: The roles of host firm management practices, technology effectiveness, and social capital Information Technology and Management

Sayogo, D., Zhang, J., Pardo, T., Tayi, G., Hrdinova, J., Andersen, D. F., & Luna-Reyes, L. F.(2014) Going Beyond Open Data: Challenges and Motivations for Smart Disclosure in Ethical Consumption. Journal of Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce Research, 9 (2) .

Luna-Reyes, L. F., Zhang, J., Whitmore, A., Jarman, H., Sayogo, D., Andersen, D. L., Tayi, G., Pardo, T., & Andersen, D. F. (2014), Full Information Product Pricing: An Information Strategy for Harnessing Consumer Choice to Create a More Sustainable World. Communications of Association of Information Systems, 34.

Djoko Sigit Sayogo, Nic dePaula, Joanne Luciano, James Michaelis, Luis F. Luna-Reyes, Giri Tayi, Holly Jarman, Jing Zhang, Deborah Andersen, Theresa Pardo Grace Begany, David Andersen (Accepted for publication). Semantic Web Technology to Support Smart Disclosure for Consumer Choices of Sustainable Certified Product.. IJPADA special issue on Semantic Web Technologies for Government.

Luna-Reyes, L. F., Zhang, J., Roy, R., Andersen, D. F., Andersen, M., Arcelus, J. & Whitmore, A. (2013) Information Strategies to Support Full Information Product Pricing: the Role of Trust. Information Polity, 18 (1)

Bach, C., Zhang, J., & Belardo, S. (2009) Extending the intellectual bandwidth model: a case study from the bioscience industry. Management Research Review, 32(12), pp 1097-1110.
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Full List of CTG Publications for this author

Luis F. Luna-Reyes, Djoko Sigit Sayogo, Jing Zhang, Theresa Pardo, Giri Kumar Tayi, Jana Hrdinova, and David Andersen
, Beyond Open Government: Ontologies and Data Architectures to Support Ethical Consumption , Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Theory and Practice of Electronic Governance (ICEGOV2012), 2012

Luis F. Luna-Reyes, David F. Andersen, L.J.A. de Diego , Jing Jang, Deborah L. Anderson, Andrew Whitmore, and R. Roy
, Information Strategies to Support Full Information Product Pricing: the Role of Trust , Proceedings of the 42nd Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences - 2009, 2012

Djoko Sigit Sayogo, Luis F. Luna-Reyes, Jing Zhang, Holly Jarman, Jana Hrdinova, Xing Tan, Andrew Whitmore, Theresa Pardo, Deborah L. Anderson, Giri Kumar Tayi, and David F. Andersen
, A Stakeholder Analysis of Interoperable Data Architecture: The case of I-Choose , Proceedings of the 13th Annual International Conference on Digital Government Research (dg.o 2012), 2012

Holly Jarman, Luis F. Luna-Reyes, Jing Zhang, Andrew Whitmore, Sergio Picazo-Vela, Deborah Lines Andersen, Giri K.Tayi, Theresa A. Pardo, David F. Andersen, and Djoko Sayogo
, I-Choose: Consumer Choice, Digital Government, and Sustainability in North America , APPAM Fall Conference 2011, 2011

Jing Zhang , Sue R. Faerman, and Anthony M. Cresswell
, The Effect of Organizational/ Technological Factors and the Nature of Knowledge on Knowledge Sharing, Proceedings of the Thirty-Ninth Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (CD/ROM), January 4-7,2006, Computer Society Press, 2006

  • Ph.D., University at Albany/SUNY, Information Science, 2003