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CTG projects depend on active and ongoing partnerships with government agencies, technology companies, and academic scholars. Each sector makes a unique and critical contribution and each gains distinct benefits from participation in the Center and its research program.

Our government partnerships are laboratories for learning, experimentation, and problem-solving. Each project is supported by the involvement of experienced public managers working cooperatively on projects of concern to government organizations around the country.

Our corporate partnerships bring state-of-the-art technology and services together with government agency needs. Because they work with both business and government organizations, our corporate partners offer a broader context for problem-solving than either sector can achieve on its own.

Our academic partnerships allow us to exchange knowledge, pool expertise, and engage in joint investigations. Our partners come from as close as the University at Albany and as far away as Europe. They represent a wide range of expertise in a variety of disciplines.

Our non profit partnerships bring public policy and service expertise to the table and represent the important interests and perspectives of civil society.

Our international partnerships bring a global perspective to all of our work. These partnerships have proven that opportunities and challenges of information technology extend to every government around the world.

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