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Samia Melhem
World Bank Group
Samia Melhem

Samia Melhem is an international development expert at the World Bank Group. She is a Global lead on Digital Development. Her current operational responsibilities include investment operations management, advisory services, capacity building and leading the digital development partnership. Samia has led investment projects in National ICT strategies, Telecoms/Broadband policy, and Private participation in infrastructure, cybersecurity, digital government, trade facilitation, electronic procurement, identity management and urban development in Rwanda, Philippines, Egypt, Kenya, Tunisia, Morocco, Burkina Faso amongst many others.

Samia held several positions as regional coordinator in different regions such as Africa, Middle East and Europe and Central Asia and has experience in more than 50 countries. She represents her group at ITU, UN, WSIS, donor organization and private sector/academia high level conventions. She has authored several research, working papers and policy notes on innovation and on technology’s impact on growth & development. She holds degrees in Electrical Engineering (BS), Computer Sciences (MS) and Finance (MBA).