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About CTG
The Center for Technology in Government (CTG) at the University at Albany is an award-winning applied research center, world-renowned for improving government and public service through innovations in technology, policy, and management.

In 1993, then New York Governor Mario Cuomo facilitated the creation of CTG "to pursue new ways of applying technology directly to the practical problems of information management and service delivery in government." More than two decades later, CTG is a thriving first-of-its-kind innovative model of public-private partnerships where government, academia, and the corporate community work together to solve the complex problems facing society.

The demands for more productive, cost efficient, and accountable governments continue. However, the constantly changing technology landscape is increasing society’s demands for government to consider information and technology in ways previously not possible. This is where CTG comes in.

CTG’s Expertise
• Working with government leaders at all levels to find innovative solutions to pressing public problems.

• Providing a birds-eye view of the intersection of technology with the policy and management that surrounds it.

• Leveraging technology and data analytics to deliver newly informed programs and services in order to transform the lives of citizens.

• Working with multiple organizations to build the necessary relationships, trust, and shared vision necessary for improved information sharing and collaboration. CTG staff develop the “seams” that hold collaboration together.

• Leading an international research community to educate the next generation of public sector leaders.

CTG by the numbers
• Collaborations with 150 government agencies, 66 private companies, 66 academic institutions and 38 nonprofit organizations.

• More than 120 guides, reports, and online resources issued to support the work of government professionals, and over 300 scholarly articles that have contributed to the field of research on IT innovation in government organizations.

• Over 20 awards received.

• 12 prototype systems developed and evaluated, answering critical policy, management, organizational, and technology questions.

• Obtained 39 research grants and fee-for-service contracts for over $10 million.

• Given over 350 trainings, workshops, and conference presentations.

• Provided data and support to more than 25 doctoral dissertations and masters students.

• Conducted 75 partnership projects, producing outcomes that have helped state, local, and federal government agencies improve their services and operations.

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