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RSS: Really Simple Syndication
The Center for Technology in Government now provides an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed for its home page, press releases, Web News emails, new publication alerts, new project alerts, and current project updates. RSS feeds keep you updated on the topics that interest you by delivering news of those updates directly to you — when they happen.

Get CTG's Feeds

You can subscribe to any or all of the CTG RSS Feeds listed below by copying the URL of the feed into your RSS reader. Refer to your RSS Reader for instructions on how to add, remove, and configure feeds for that specific reader. If you are new to RSS, read "What is RSS?" for further explanation of how to use RSS.



What Is RSS?

RSS provides a convenient way to monitor information from a variety of sources, including news stories, updates to a Web site, or important bulletins. By watching this RSS feed, you can quickly and easily see whenever an update has occurred.

Most people take advantage of some form of software (typically called "readers") to read and monitor RSS feeds. These RSS readers work within your Web browser, email software, or desktop; and some are restricted to specific browsers or email. Different readers will also retrieve and deliver the RSS updates in different ways. Therefore, it's important that you "shop wisely" to find the RSS reader that works best for you. There are many different RSS readers available, but here are a selected few that we’ve tested and that you may find useful:
  • RssReader. Runs under Windows. Notifies of news updates via icon in system tray. Opens original news web page in RssReader browser or default browser window.
  • Sage. Designed for the Firefox browser. Integrates with Firefox's bookmark storage and Live Bookmarks. Offers customizable style sheets for formatting the display of feed items.
  • Blogbot. Works with Microsoft Outlook and Internet Explorer.
  • FeedDaemon. Runs under Windows. Pre-configured with dozens of popular feeds.News bins feature lets you store items for future reference.
  • Active Web Reader. Works with Microsoft Internet Explorer, version 6 and above. Auto-Discover feature finds RSS feeds while browsing the web. Offers styles to customize RSS feed display.
Also http://www.ourpla.net/cgi-bin/pikie.cgi?RssReaders provides a long list of RSS readers, grouped by devices, operating systems, and browsers, making it easy to find a reader that fits your needs. You can reference additional information on RSS at the Wikipedia page on RSS [ Dead Link ] or the RSS 2.0 Specification page .

How Do I Use RSS?

CTG RSS icon
The CTG RSS icon shown here at the left and found on pages throughout the CTG Web site links to this page containing specific RSS feeds that you can subscribe to via your RSS reader as explained above.