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On the Calendar
Re-thinking the Connection Between e-Government and Innovation
November 18, 2014 |
ITMO University
St. Petersburg
Russian Federation
CTG Senior Fellow Sharon Dawes will give the keynote address on “Re-thinking the Connection Between e-Government and Innovation” at the conference on Electronic Governance and Open Society: Challenges in Eurasia (EGOSE2014). Held in St. Petersburg, Russian Federation on November 18 and organized by the eGovernment Research Center of ITMO University, EGOSE2014 addresses issues of Information Society, e-government, e-governance, and e-democracy and provides a platform for networking and collaboration of eGovernance experts in the Eurasian area.

Pardo to Present Talk on Information Sharing, Big Data, and Public Safety
November 18, 2014 |
New York City
The issue of sharing information has gained increased attention post-9/11. Theresa Pardo will discuss her perspectives on information sharing in all its forms, the “Big Data” phenomenon, and their implications for public safety managers and homeland security professionals. Theresa will bring her authoritative perspective on these issues as a pioneer in making technology work for governmental organizations. The talk is being given at the Christian Regenhard Center for Emergency Response Studies (RACERS) at the John Jay College for Criminal Justice.