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A Tour of CTG . . .
When the Center for Technology in Government partners with government agencies, we have the capacity to facilitate multi-day workshops and training sessions, convene small meetings, and conduct presentations and discussions at our office space on Wolf Road in Albany, New York. Please scroll through our photo gallery below to take a virtual tour of CTG and our office space.

CTG is located at 187 Wolf Road in Albany, New York.
				  The reception area of the Center provides a place for us to display past awards and highlights of CTG events. 
				  The large seminar room can accomodate up to 40 people.  The large seminar room can also be reconfigured for small working groups. 
				  The small seminar room can accommodate up to 20 people.   The conference room is ideal for breakout groups or small meetings.  Three small meeting rooms are located just outside the large seminar room.  Each of the three meeting rooms are ideal for small breakout groups.  Each of the three meeting rooms are ideal for small breakout groups.    A fourth meeting room at CTG is a more informal space for brainstorming sessions.  The library offers an ideal space for quiet work, and houses information technology journals and publications.   The center core of our office space is where our professional and administrative staff work.  
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Some recent examples of events hosted by CTG as part of our partnership projects include:

SAP Workshop
Public ROI – Advancing Return on Investment Analysis for Government IT:
An international workshop was held with experts in government IT to develop a research agenda and conceptual themes for public return on investment (ROI) assessment.
SAP Workshop
Web Site Management Using XML: A Testbed Project:
A six month long Testbed was conducted with five New York state agencies who convened monthly at CTG for hands-on workshops, training sessions, and small discussion groups to develop an XML prototype for their agency.

Electronic Commons Workshop
Leveraging Investments in the Electronic Commons Project:
CTG staff facilitated a post-project meeting attended by all the grantees to document the experiences of each project team, examine the factors critical to success, and share lessons learned.
OCFS Workshop
Assessing Mobile Technologies in Child Protective Services:
Participants in the New York State Office of Children and Family Services’ mobile technology pilot program gathered to share their experiences through CTG facilitated workshop sessions.