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Standing Committee
Since its inception, the Center has employed the advice and strategic guidance of a standing committee, composed of NY State government IT experts, to assist in planning and implementing projects. The Standing Committee links the Center to the NY State Forum for Information Resource Management membership and Executive Committee, and more broadly to the state and local governments in the state. Committee members bring a diverse mix of policy, management, and technology backgrounds to their role of advising the Center on project solicitation, development, selection and evaluation The Committee members are selected based on their personal qualifications and interest in helping guide the direction of the Center’s work. In general, their role is assist in:
  • Identifying new areas of concern to government and needed research
  • Identifying and evaluating proposed projects to be conducted at the Center.
  • Helping select overall themes and priorities for work at the Center.
  • Documenting and disseminating project results in cooperation with Center staff.

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