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Publication Availability and Pricing
A major portion of the Center's mission is to disseminate project and research results throughout the public sector. To achieve this goal, CTG sponsors public demonstrations, publishes formal reports and working papers, develops practical tools and guidelines for use by public organizations, delivers conference presentations, and maintains a comprehensive information site on the World Wide Web.

To reach the widest audience, CTG offers documents in both print and electronic form and absorbs the costs of initial publication and distribution. Our policy regarding availability and pricing is as follows:

  • All reports, working papers, handbooks, and other formal documents are copyrighted by the Center for Technology in Government.
  • All formal documents produced in the course of a CTG project are initially distributed in print form to New York state and local government organizations and many others without charge. This initial distribution is made through the use of extensive mailing lists compiled during each project that identifies individuals and organizations interested in project results. All formal documents are also made available for downloading in electronic form from the CTG Web site.
  • After the initial distribution, the Center may charge requesters a modest price for copies of printed documents. The electronic versions of all documents will continue to be freely available without charge.
  • Any CTG document, or portion, may be copied so long as the cover page that acknowledges CTG as the author and copyright holder is included in each copy.

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