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Center Review
The Center is in the midst of a comprehensive review of our first fifteen years of operation. The review combines an extensive self assessment, culminating in a report drafted by CTG staff, with an on-site review by a Visiting Committee of experts. The Visiting Committee will include:
  • Paul Fisk, former Assistant Chief, New York State Division of Budget
  • Teresa Harrison, Professor and Chair, Communication Department, UAlbany
  • John King, Vice Provost for Academic Information and Professor, School of Information, University of Michigan
  • Tomek Strzalkowski, Associate Professor of Computer Science and Director, Institute for Informatics Logics & Security Studies, UAlbany
  • Giri Tayi, Professor of Management Science and Information Systems, School of Business, UAlbany
The Committee is scheduled to visit the Center on April 21-22 to complete the review process and prepare a report of their observations and recommendations. The recently completed self-evaluation report, covering the period from the Center’s founding in 1993 through 2007, has been sent to the Visiting Committee and will serve as the starting point for their review.

This review was undertaken at the request of the vice president for research, Lynn Videka, in keeping with University at Albany policies that call for periodic reviews of research centers and institutes ( research/VPRDocs/establishing_research_units.pdf). This request was prompted in part by the transition in Center leadership in which the founding director, Sharon Dawes, moved to a position as the Center’s senior fellow and Anthony Cresswell, former deputy director, was appointed as interim director. The results of the review will also help guide the search for a permanent Center director, which will begin in March.